Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Busy, busy new year!

Wow, I had such a relaxing Christmas vacation that starting back to work and school has been sort of a rude awakening! LOL! I didn't make too many New Years resolutions, but I want to blog a little about my day & provide you with a little scrapping inspiration each day. I also love home decoration, recipes, and inspirational thoughts, so you may get a little of that too! Oh, & my hubby & I gave each other Iphones for christmas & I am on the hunt for cool apps that help preserve memories. When I find one and figure out how to use it, I will share!
  Onto today, I currently have 10 people living in my house! Tomorrow, my 18 year old son goes back to college, and that will take us down to 9. I will miss him when he leaves, My husband & I have 3 daughters ages 10, 13, & 16. My dad is retired and lives with us. My sister and her two kids just moved to Utah from WARM California & we spent the day shopping for warm clothes for them. They are staying with us until my sister finds a job and a place to live. It is a little wild, a little crazy, but I love having them here & the kids are having a blast with their cousins playing in the snow & sledding!
Here is a recipe I picked up at a Christmas party last month that has become a family favorite:


1 Package Chocolate Chips
1 pint whipping cream
4 cups milk

In a big pan, add 1 package of chocolate chips to 1 pint whipping cream. Stir on medium low heat until  chips are melted. Add 4 cups of milk (or more to taste) to mixture. Warm & serve!

Now on to my favorite part, showing off a layout Amanda, one of my fabulous CT made with my Wintertide Bundle, on sale now at Brownie Scraps! Isn't it fun to see Christmas pictures right now! I love it!

Amanda wrote a little about how she used the template to prove you with a little inspiration. Here is what she said:
Sometimes too many picture spaces in a template can overwhelm me. So here, in Wintertide Vol.1 I used only two of the photo spaces with actual photos and then the other two spaces for my artistic side Smile I thought it flowed lovely with the photos, alternating. I used Hipster Holiday by Mommyish to capture that adorable shirt my son was wearing in these photos!

Have a great evening everyone!

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