Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Let's Melt!

It's Wednesday! Amanda here with a hot craft! Well the weather is sorta getting nicer, before we know it it will be fall! So I have a nice fun little craft to do with the little ones! I know my son loved it, and he's only 20 months old :D So here we go.. 

Melting Crayons!

My little one will be our demonstrator!! :D

So here's all you do!! It's easy as pie :D Take a dinner plate, serving platter, anything that you can put in the microwave. I attempted a clear plate, the colors werent as clear as they would have been if I used a white plate, so try to use a white plate! Get a box of washable crayola crayons! That way you will be able to wash them off after the fun craft is done, the plate will still be usable if you clean it good enough, nothing wrong with using a little elbow grease! :D Make sure you peel off the wrappers around each crayon being used.. Put the plate in the microwave for about a minute or a minute and a half. Let it cool off for a minute, enough that the child wont burn him or herself, but still warm enough. Then take the crayon and melt away! The instant the crayon hits the warm plate it'll melt! It's pretty neat and kept my dear son entertained for a little while so I could clean the kitchen! So have fun with this one!! :D

Now for some scrapping!!
I have this template I'd like to show today :D It's called On My Honor!
On My Honor by Scrap-n-a-Snap 

&& here's a page made by CT Member Sharon!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Grab Bag # 4!

Kayla of keepscrappin designs & I had a blast making a grab bag full of multi- photo templates as part of Brownie Scraps birthday bash! I must admit, I haven't used multi-photo templates much in my personal scrapping, so at first I felt a little intimidated by them! But I have a ton of piBctures I need to scrap from a vacation we took to San Francisco last year. My husband teases me that we can't go on another vacation until I finish scrapping from the last one! Well, with these templates, I'll be finished in about a week! He better start planning! :)

Without further ado, here is the grab bag:

Here is each of my packs and CT layouts to give you a little inspiration on how to use them!

From Fun Memories by Marla

From Happy Memories by Amanda

From Sweet Memories by Amanda

From Fun Memories by Amanda
And now for your freebies! Here is mine:


Be sure to grab Kayla's freebie too!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My first collab!

I am so excited, I am releasing my first collab tomorrow! I worked with Kayla of keep scrapping designs on a grab bag! You will get 12 fabulous templates for only $5.00!

Want a little sneak peak to see what type of templates will be in the bag?

This layout was created by one of my creative CT, Marla! I just love fall!

Be sure to check back tomorrow to get a full preview of what is in the grab bag & TWO freebies!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Name in a Frame!

How's everyone's Wednesday going?! Hope it's well! It's Amanda here with your this & that post for the week! I have something lovely for you today! Having trouble figuring out what to add to that room with the dull wall? Well I have something that will perk it up!


Name in a frame, I love this! Wood letters attached to the wall, add a wood frame and project done :) Super cute for a kid's room or with your family's last name in the living room. Love the name!!

It's pretty self explanatory.. Go to your local craft store and you will find all that you need :D As you can see the letters are just wooden letters, painted and mounted directly onto the wall with a frame placed around it.. The paint on the wall is used for the background of the frame! Cute and simple right!? You can use this idea to add a little something to your children's room, of course using their name.. But you can also have words of encouragement! Make one for the living room too! You can also purchase the smaller wooden letters that way you can put a quote or saying inside the frame. I love this idea and can't wait to try it! Hope ya'll like it too!! :D

&&No to some scrapping shall we? :D

Today I would like to show you this lovely template!!

Camping Out Vol.1

Camping Out Volume 1 by Scrap-n-Snap

&& Here's a page made by yours truly!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chore Charts Galore!

Hey guys! It's Amanda back with this weeks This&That post!! So, school's started or just about to start for your little ones... Things must be quite hectic transitioning from summer vacation back to that daily school routine, huh? I was thinking of what to post this week and I thought a simple organizing tip would be helpful for all of us! A Chore Chart! You can make them in so many ways!! :D Like so...

A simple Whiteboard Chore Chart!

Simply get a whiteboard of any size and shape, decorate how ever you'd like, add some stickies of some sorts, just go crazy! -- You can also do this with a blackboard!

Then we have....
Sticky Note Chore Charts!

And of course you can play around with color schemes, and placement of the stickies. Just go nuts with it!

There are also charts you can craft together, pin boards make wonderful charts! Using thumb tacks help make it easy to change things around! Go to your local craft store and see what you can come up with, get creative ladies!! The kids will enjoy the nifty look of the chart and would hopefully want to use it! Add some colorful fun stickers and "rewards" if you'd like! -- You can also go online and find some free printable chore charts! So get started ladies, a little organizing may help your days go by a little smoother now that school's here!

And now... Some template fun!! :)

Today I would like to showcase Soft & Sweet template pack!

Sweet & Soft Templates by Scrap-n-a-Snap

&& Here's a layout using one of these template made by CT member Marla!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pencil Cookies!!

Hey scrappers! It's Amanda!! I'm back for Wednesday's This & That post! I've missed ya'll :D Hope you've missed me, because I am back with a fun yummy back to school treat! Are you ready to get back to school or get those kiddo's back!? I know I'm not, I start my classes on the 9th, but I am almost done and will be getting my Teaching Assistant Certificate and then my Associates will be accomplished the following semester! So I am pretty stoked about that :D Anywho, I was doing a little browsing on Pinterest and came across this neat "Back to School" treat you can do with the kids, to have at home or to bring to school!

These are Pencil Cookies!
my mom and I make these fun pencil cookies before every school year as a little "back to school" treat. they are homemade sugar cookies cut into pencil shapes. the tip is dipped in melted chocolate to mimic lead, the eraser is made of fruit rollups, and the icing is homemade!! we even add a little sparkle to resemble the metal eraser clasp :)

They are simple sugar cookies cut into pencil shapes, the pinner on Pinterest said that she dipped the tip of the pencil in melted chocolate to imitate lead, she used yellow icing for the pencil and fruit rollups to mimic the other end of the pencil where the eraser is! Neat right!? When my son starts school in a few years I will definitely be doing this with him!! 

Now for some scrapping shall we!? Today I would like to showcase one of the lovely new template packs that has released recently, It's part of the Just Peachy collection our lovely designer Melody was working on!! This one is....

Just Peachy Vol. 3
Just Peachy Vol 3 by Scrap-n-a-Snap

&& Here is a lovely page made by CT member Natasja!

Saturday, September 1, 2012